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Beauty Brand Bootcamp is an 8-module course.


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What's Included with the Beauty Brand Bootcamp Program:

What members are saying...

"Melody's Bootcamp was exactly what I'd been in search of. She's an expert in her field but was still able to work with all of us no matter where we were in the process at the time, to really get us to the point of being able to launch our products successfully. It has been life changing for myself." - Danielle Walton

"Your Bootcamp was a big help last year as I decided to act on my dream - thank you." - Lindsey Patterson

"Working with Melody and PLI has accelerated my own business in a very short time and built my confidence immeasurably. Without her I'd probably still be cold calling suppliers and getting nowhere in the process. Now, with her on my team, I have no doubt that my business can be massively successful." - Molly Hayward, Cora Products

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